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You can call 817-573-2641 ext. 324 or contact the webmaster at [email protected].
To change your email address, simpley change it on you account settings. 
For all other changes, contact the business office.


By calling the front desk at 817-573-2641.
Yes.  Call security to check them in just as if they were coming by car.  Transient parking is available at the northeast area of the field by Plane View Park.
Two.  Pecan Plantation ( 0TX1) and The Landings (66TE). 

Dog Park

Sunup until sundown. Lights are installed and on sensors to accommodate early morning and evening visits. 
You don’t need to join FOPP to use the dog park. A voluntary $25.00 annual donation is used to help maintain the Park and purchase supplies. Applications can be obtained at the Park entrance gate.
Yes, on a limited basis to get rid of the sticker weeds. Signs are always posted, and the dog park is closed when weed control is applied.
Do not bring puppies to the Park. We suggest that users have their pets fully vaccinated and under supervision at all times. 
Rules and regulations are posted at the Park entrance for both the small and large dog exercise areas.


Download the ForeTees app and sign up through that.  The pro shop can help you set it up.
Go to the PPOA website and click on Tee Times.  Then click on the Menu button at the top of the screen on the left, then click on Tee Times and click on the Make, Change, or View Tee Times line and click a date.
The fee is $15.00 per round or you can buy a cart sticker for $30.00 per month. 
You can sign a guest in using ForeTees or call the pro shop for a tee time for you and your guest.


You must apply at the Marina.
There are no temporary slips. You can park your boat on your trailer for a few days in the parking lot with the permission from the Marina.

The Marina is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day. Food service is open from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Park / Trails

There are three parks, two on Ravenswood and one on Bellechase.  At the front circle, go south on Ravenswood and the first park is about a half mile down.  The second park is about three miles south of the front circle on Ravenswood and the third park is on Bellechase between the Ravenswood, Bellechase, Monticello intersection and the clubhouse.   There are two trails.  One starts behind the clubhouse and meanders along the river and ends on the 10th tee box and the other is along the river across from the RV park on Ravenswood Rd.
Yes, but they must be on leashes under your control. 

Please pick up after your pets to keep the walking trails clean.


You can get an application at the PAC or at the PPPA website. The cost is $25 per year.

The outdoor Pickleball courts are available from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and must be reserved. Contact the PAC to make reservations. The last reservation for the evening is 8:30 p.m.

Pecan Plantation Pickleball Association (PPPA) offers beginner clinics at the PAC. Check the Columns for monthly clinic dates.
No.  Just show up during Pickleball times and you can play. Call the PAC at 817-573-7952 for the times. 

You can also rent a paddle from the PAC


Guests pay $3.50 per day to use either pool.  Dependent grandchildren are considered members.  Guests are defined under Rules and Regs 4.3.2-4.3.4. 

The clubhouse pool is open throughout the GISD summer break. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily except Monday. A lifeguard must be on duty. There is no swimming in the Clubhouse pool after the summer season ends. The PAC pool is closed on Wednesdays.  Hours are 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. April 1st through August with lifeguards on duty the same hours as the clubhouse pool. Other times it is swim at your own risk. September/October hours are 7:30 am to sunset.

The PAC pool allows outside food and beverages but no alcoholic beverages or glass containers. The clubhouse pool does not allow food or beverages, but they can be purchased at poolside.  No coolers are allowed at the Clubhouse pool.

No flotation devices are allowed at either pool except for baby flotation devices.
Lifeguards are on duty at both pools from 9:30am to 8:00pm during season.
Call the PAC at 817-573-7952 for that information.

You may reserve the pavilion area at the clubhouse pool by contacting the Events Coordinator at the clubhouse. The PAC pool is not available for private events.  You may have a party while the PAC pool is open but you must inform the Sports and Recreation Supervisor so Lifeguards can be informed.

Pecan Activity Center (PAC)

From 8:00am until 8:00pm Monday through Saturday except Wednesday which is closed and Sunday from noon until 6:00 p.m.
No, but they offer a variety of exercise classes. Up to date class schedules can be found in the Columns.
Non-members pay a $3.00 fee per day. Guests must be accompanied by a member.
Yes. A member can reserve the meeting room free of charge but may not be used for personal business purposes. 

Guest fees apply.

Yes. Members may bring their own food or have the food catered.

Yes. Call the PAC at 817-573-7952 to make a reservation.
It is open for use any time free of charge. You can pick up course maps and score cards and rent disk golf sets at the PAC.

Tokens are $3 each or 12 for $30 (2 free).

Children 7 years old and younger must be accompanied and directly supervised by a parent or guardian 18 years or older at all times unless in an organized activity.

RV Park

Call the front desk at 817-573-2641.

14 days up to 30 days for members who are renovating or building a new home.

Members pay $14/day; immediate family pays $20/day; guests of members pay $25/day.


There is a waiting list for boarding. Call 817-614-9744 for more information.

The current price is $250 per month.  As a private boarding facility, we are only available to Pecan residents.  

Temporary boarding isn’t available, however we do have holding pens available for a fee that can be reserved up to 15 days. Arrangements have to be made ahead of time by calling 817-614-9744 for information and the appropriate paperwork prior to boarding.
Horses are privately owned and can only be ridden with the permission and accompaniment of the owner.


Go to the tennis office or call 817-579-9412.  Better yet, call the tennis professional on his cell phone 972-979-0654.

Go to the tennis office or call 817-579-9412.  Better yet, call the tennis professional on his cell phone 972-979-0654.

Recycling / Trash

Refer to the Columns article ‘Pecan Collection Station’ on page 2.

For paint, just let it dry out and throw it in the trash for smaller amounts, then it can be tossed in the regular trash. For larger amounts, buy paint hardener from the hardware store then throw in trash once dry. Call the Hood County Fire Marshal for advice on chemical disposal at 817-579-3335.

At 6907 Cottage Ct off Ravenswood by the stables. 

The collection station is open the last Saturday of each month for recycling, limbs, and trash from 8 a.m. to noon. Accepted items are recycling (paper, glass, cardboard, and plastic - no need to sort recyclables), household trash, tree branches, lawn clippings, old furniture, and water heaters. TVs, refrigerators, tires, paints, and any items considered hazardous materials are not accepted. Call the Operations Office at 817-573-4437 for more information.

Branches, recycling items, and limbs (no trash) are accepted Wednesdays from 4-6 p.m. Aluminum cans are accepted at the Tennis Pro Shop. 


Go to the PPOA website and click on Tee Times.  Then click on the Menu button at the top of the screen on the left, then click on Tee Times and click on the Make, Change, or View Tee Times line and click a date.
Yes, but make sure that you are the person who pays.

Safety and Security

There is a siren by the fire station that is controlled by the Comanche Peaks nuclear power station which is tested the first Monday of every month at noon. As part of Hood County, we participate in the County wide notifications of critical events.  Hood County Office of Emergency Management uses the Everbridge app which can be downloaded to your phone or other device from your APP store.  You can control the critical information YOU want to receive by registering for Mass Notifications in Hood County.

Usually under 10 minutes depending on where you live.
No, but it is covered in your AMUD bill if you opted for it.

Please allow guest access through the “ABDI System” on your computer or phone. You may call your guest in through the back or front gate, but it is essential to use the ABDI system first.

Download the app from your phone’s APP store.  Once it is installed, the home page has a “help guide”.  If you have additional questions, call the security office.

Yes, by utilizing the ABDI system as for other guests.  Some delivery companies prefer you meet them at the gate.  Ask when order is made.

Yes, the clubhouse and 19th hole will prepare your orders for you to pick up out front of the clubhouse.


There are no specific lanes designed for bicycles.  They should be considered a vehicle on the road just like another automobile.
Yes. They should be considered a vehicle on the road just like another automobile.
The member who the guest visited is ultimately responsible for the payment if the guest does not pay.
Yes. There is an appeals process that goes to an appeals committee.

A member choosing to appeal a citation, fine, or other penalty or ruling that adversely affects the member shall submit such a written request as follows: 1. For all traffic citations submit the written request for hearing to the Security Office. Guests must appeal through the member.  Contractors can appeal directly.

You may be ticketed at any speed above the posted limit.


Call the security office at 817-408-3511 and they will come out and get it.
It is against PPOA policy to feed the wildlife in Pecan Plantation.


The instructions for Columns articles are on page 2 of the Columns magazine or you can call 817-573-2641 ext. 347.
The instructions for Columns articles are on page 2 of the Columns magazine or you can call 817-573-2641 ext. 347.

Be on the lookout in the Columns Magazine for the date and time of this annual event.

If you live in Hood County, you will vote at the PAC.  If you live in Johnson County, you will vote in Bono, Tx  at the Bono Baptist Church,  6349 Bono Rd., Godley, Texas 76044Election Day Locations | Johnson County, TX(  

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